Ah, how easy it is to let your blog go without updates. All you dedicated readers out there, please accept my apologies.

What's new in my world? Let's see.

Rock Me During A Hurricane

So, hurricane Rita, while it turned out to be gentle on Houston, certainly caused a lot of drama. We had a house-full of evacuees, and held a thursday night "party" with half a dozen people on the phone trying to find their parents and friends. Next time we have a party, we'll plan it not to coindice with a natural disaster. In any event, it was actually great to be able to shelter so many folks and we had a good time with our full house. Uberjam and I went to the Austin City Limits festival with a bunch of evacuees, and we all had a sweaty, dusty, happy time.

And for the record, everybody is OK, including Uberjam's family in Beaumont.

Home Improvement

Uberjam and I decided it was high time we removed the ugly, fleshy color that adorned the walls of our rental house in Austin. So, we picked out a new color and painted the living room and back room. The result? It came out a little lighter than we expected (my adjective being "toothpasty") but it is definitely a vast improvement. Painting is kinda fun. Next home improvement chore is to, uh, get some furniture.

Nephew Ian

Well, not really a nephew. My friends back up north had a baby, and he's really cute. And his name? Ian!

The New Album

The fellas and I have been hard at work on our latest album - this time, a live record from a jazz club in Houston. We're really happy with it, and it should be in hand this week (so get your orders in, nudge nudge). Here's a little sneak preview.

I guess that's about it for now. I'll try to update more than once a quarter. :)