Progressing across the north

I'm riding on the ferry to Martha's vineyard as I write this. Portable internet connection is, in fact, a wonderful thing. It was wonderful this morning when I needed a map while I was driving to Woods Hole. It was wonderful yesterday to allow me to work while sitting in 3 hours of traffic on the way to Boston. And I suspect it will continue to be wonderful.

Yesterday was spent with my good friend, Linear Magic Herd. He's in Boston, getting his doctorate in music theory at NEC. Heavy stuff. We listened to a bunch of music and threw tomatos.

The 2 days prior were spent with good old friends in upstate new york. Playing bocce, drinking beer, catching up.

This weekend on the Vineyard, I intend to sleep on the beach, in the sun. (Yes, with lots of sunblock on, mom.)

Ian out!