Mo & The Lawn

Just got through hanging out with my friend Mo Pair. Mo's an Austin staple, as music personalities go. He's about to hit the road with Groovin' Ground (you Houston peeps, go check 'em out next Friday). Mo's a cool cat. He gave me some Navajo Peyote music to listen to that's totally intense.

Been finally getting back to cooking this week. Made zucchini & black bean quesedillas (yum) and sweet corn soup (nothin' finer than fresh corn soup, I tell ya). And yesterday, some fresh mozzarella sandwiches, and ice cream sandwiches. I don't know if making sandwiches can properly be called "cooking", as it's really more just assembling. Oh well.

No cooking tonight, though - Uberjam and I are heading to SoCo for 1st Thursdays (a big party they have down there that I've yet to witness). Nice weather today, so it should be good. May hit some art openings too. Jam's been working like a fiend this week, so she could use some downtime.

I've been working too. Mostly on "work" stuff, but also on my humble abode. I spruced up my music room with some foam, got some nice preamps, and have my sights on some good studio monitors, so I can really get down to editing the next DT album, Live at Cezanne. I've only got a week to finish it! I've also been assembling lots of furniture, and I also discovered a whole extra closet in our house that we hadn't found yet. Weird, eh?