Exhausted and busy

Had a crazy weekend. Saturday night, we played a party at the A>S>H>S warehouse that was a) packed, b) full of free food & drinks, and c) wicked fun. But now I feel totally exhausted. I can barely focus on anything today. Stupid not getting any younger.

Spent most of last week in head-down mode, working and editing up our new record, Live at Cezanne. It's gonna be so rad! I'm excited about it. We managed to squeeze 77 minutes on there, though we may have to scrunch it down further if the duplication plant says that's too long. It's almost all piano (vs rhodes or organ) and we all feel great about the performances. Nuje & GPF are mixing tonight, though I won't be able to be there. :(

Our good friend Anna is in town from San Francisco for a couple days, so we're getting to hang with her a little bit too, which is awesome. I'm gonna make some rad salsa cruda and white bean salad tonight for dinner. And then freak out about how I'm about to go out on the road for 2 weeks, and I haven't prepared at all.

BTW, we got a gig at Stubbs! That's a big deal, Stubbs is not an easy place to get in to. Woot. Anybody want to make a road trip for the gig? You can stay at our place.